Our Story

     My name is Patty Ramsburg and my daughter, Kimberley, and I started this journey in Feburary ’02 when Gail Compton placed little miss Zoe Danae into our arms. We will be forever grateful to Gail for trusting us with one of her very first babies, and miss her and her guidance tremendously. They say those who live in the hearts of others never die and Gail will forever be in our hearts.


     We call our family of dogs Serenity Cove. We moved to our new home in the country in June of 2004 with lots of space for the dogs. They are very happy living in the house with us and enjoy spending time in their very own playroom whenever we’re not home; however, they absolutely love their people and are always nearby when we’re home! Our lives are fueled on waggin’ tails, smiley faces, puppy kisses and some barking on occasion.


      I first found out about this breed in August of 2001 while surfing the web, and instantly knew that this was the breed for us. I got on a waiting list and was shocked to find out in February of 2002 that a puppy was available to me. We drove to pick up Zoe two weeks later, and the rest is history. Zoe is mommy's baby and she knows it. Kassia came along not quite 1 year later. Then, just four months later we brought home our first male, Keegan. Cooper, our sheltie, came during the Christmas holiday of 2003 and Luka, our 2nd male AKK came in January, 2004. We had our first litter of AKK in March of 2004 and our Nickelson Layne was born in that litter. We had our second litter in January of 2005 and that's when our little Lacee Lu joined the pack. We just couldn't bare to part with her! Kambry came to us from Karen Street of AliAK Kennels in August, 2005. We chose her from her litter at five weeks of age and were thrilled when she joined us at nine-weeks-old. She was our first blue-eyed beauty. Kanon followed Kambry from AliAK not quite a year later. Little miss Ava Rose was born in Lacee and Kanon's first litter and tried out a new home before deciding she liked Maryland best of all. We're thrilled with her decision! In January of 2008, Karen sent me a picture of a gorgeous little girl and it didn't take me long to figure out she was going to be the newest addition to the household. Brylee’s addition brought us to eleven dogs; and coined our title of “The Crazy Dog Family” with all of our neighbors.


     Once Brylee arrived, we spent a lot of our time focusing on our dogs and their show careers, while also raising a litter or two here and there. Kim left for school at Frostburg State University in August, 2008 absolutely heartbroken that she’d have to leave her best friends behind. It wasn’t until August, 2010 that Nicky and Luka could join her in her new off campus home. After the boys joined Kim in Frostburg, all was right in the world… We were happy, and so were our dogs! In September of 2011, Kim and Scott decided it was time for them to add a new member to their pack; this is where Khanlie, the Siberian husky, comes in. She, too, came from Karen Street! In the fall of 2012 we contacted Karen about stud services, and flew Toast out a few weeks later. We automatically fell in love with him and decided that we just had to make him ours... he flew back to Maryland for good in January 2013 and received a new name, Knox!


     Fast forward to February 2016, we made arrangements to look after Isis while her mommy and our dear friend, Carolyn Zinsser, underwent extensive medical treatment. Unfortunately for us, Carolyn passed away in April 2016. We will always cherish the 13 years we had with Carolyn and we're grateful to have a piece of her live on in our home. Isis is officially a member of our pack and we love her dearly! 


      I currently have seven Klee Kai living here with me. Kassia, Lacee, Kambry, Kanon, Ava, Brylee, and Icee all spend their days rough housing down here in Southern, MD while Nicky, Knox, & Khanlie live with Kim and her husband Scott, up in the mountains of Western, MD.


You’ll find out tons of little tidbits about our dogs during your visit here.

If you have any questions, please ask.